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"Deutsches Diagnosticum" represents a German medical-diagnostic center in Georgia.

The experienced team of “Deutsches Diagnosticum” in Munich and Tbilisi makes it possible to manage visit and treatment process of patients in Germany, brings German doctors to Georgia, allows patients to undergo examinations/receive medical conclusion from German laboratories without leaving the country, and provides remotely (online) a high-quality medical consultation, diagnosis and, in some
cases, treatment.

"Deutsches Diagnosticum" services:
1. Laboratory and instrumental studies (sending analyses, biological tissues, radiological materials to leading German laboratory-diagnostic centers and obtaining medical conclusions);
2. Telemedicine (medical consultation via video call, diagnosing, advice giving, double-checking the diagnosis);
3. Visit of German doctors to Georgia (consultations and surgery operations of leading medical specialists provided in Georgia);
4. Sending patients to Germany (searching for a clinic/doctor-specialist in Germany, arranging an appointment, managing the full cycle of the visit);
5. Carrying out medical procedures like plasmolifting, online ultrasound in Georgia using German technology and with the involvement of medical specialists.


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