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Plasma therapy (PRP) is an injection procedure that uses a person's own (autologous) platelet-rich bloodmplasma in the treatment area. This procedure helps stimulate and restore the body's hidden resources.

At "Deutsches Diagnosticum" plasma therapy is carried out using German test tubes and technology (with exclusive patent rights) in three main areas:

Dermatology – plasma therapy is used in dermatology to solve various skin problems: dry skin structure; seborrhea; acne and post-acne; any scars on the skin, including stretch marks; uneven skin surface; signs of aging; superficial wrinkles.

Gynecology – plasma therapy in gynecology is used for the healing, treatment, prevention and aesthetics of the intimate area caused by childbirth, post-traumatic, inflammatory diseases or congenital anomalies.

Orthopedics – plasma therapy is used in orthopedics to solve various problems associated with joints: restoration of damaged tendon-muscle tissue; joint pain management; restoration of damaged bone tissue; restoration of intra-articular synovial fluid; restoration of damaged cartilage tissue; production of natural hyaluronic acid; Management of inflammatory processes.


The mentioned direction will be implemented in Georgia from March 1, 2024.

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