German Medical Center, "Deutsche Diagnosticum" and Prof. With the joint efforts of "Knowledge" International Foundation named after Nodar Grigolia, Prof. Project named after Grigolia.

During this period, 550 students and residents were selected from the universities of Georgia, mainly from the Tbilisi State Medical University, who successfully completed 3-6 months of internship/practical work at Munich University Clinics.

This time as well, starting from January 2023, a 2-month training program was fully funded in the multi-professional clinics of Klinikum Weilheim, Klinikum Schongau and Klinikum Landshut. The aforementioned clinics represent the academic-clinical bases of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) and the Technical University of Munich (TU-München). It is also worth noting the fact that during the last year, students were intensively involved in the processes of educational and practical activities at the base of the German diagnostic center, "Deutschediagnosticum", which was one of the important circumstances in the selection of students. Within the framework of the program, our fellows are fully provided with household expenses as well as a salary budget of 300 euros per month.

Nodar Grigolia International Medicine Development Foundation "Knowledge", his worthy successor Professor Giorgi Grigolia and the German Diagnostic Center "Deutsches Diagnosticum" continue to implement similar projects for the professional development of future generations.

Students share their thoughts and attitudes, what expectations and plans they have after the internship and how important this stage is for their professional development and qualification improvement.

Otar Chankvetadze: Fifth year student of Tbilisi State Medical University. - Currently, I am attending a three-month internship course to improve my qualifications in surgery. The opportunity given to us, Deutsche's assistants, is very important in the medical field, because during this time we will observe the world's leading doctors, new achievements in medicine, and be participants and sharers of these processes. This will help us a lot for our professional and career advancement.
Davit Gyunashvili: student of Tbilisi State Medical University Faculty of Medicine. - I think I will continue my studies in Germany in the future, I want to do my residency there, so this program is very important to me, because I think the experience and knowledge I will acquire will help me to develop my goals in this regard. I am going to take the path to onco-surgery, so I will undergo general surgery within the framework of this program.
Tamar Zarkva: Fifth year student of Tbilisi State Medical University. - I am participating in the program and I have great hope that this program will help me both in the development of professional and clinical skills, as well as in the development of personal skills. I have the experience of participating in exchange programs abroad and it helped me a lot.